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Model United Nations

Modern Barakhamba Road Intra MUN : UNGA - solutions regarding the Syrian refugees
(delegate of China) 
: verbal mention

Step By Step MUN: UNGA - the question of tibet 
(delegate of 
Bhutan) : verbal mention

Manav Rachna Mun : UNCSW - the status of women 
  (delegate of Chile) : high commendation

Excelsior MUN: WTO delisting Chinese companies from American exchange and
the effects of the global economy

(delegate of Saudi Arabia) : special mention

 VHS MUN: OPEC- oil reserves in syria 
(delegate of South Sudan) :high commendation

E-Ahmed International MUN: FAO - improvement in implantation of food
security in Africa 
(delegate of Denmark) : diplomacy award

E-Sai Mun : Senior Specpol piracy in the Gulf of Guinea 
(delegate of France) : high commendation

 Welham Mun- UNHRC - forced labour in china 
(delegate of USA) : participated

Blue Bells Mun- UNW- achieving gender equality through generation equality 
(delegate of France) : high commendation

Mun: futuristic AU, 2029-  Deliberating upon the economic and political stability of African nations during the Palladium Schism (delegate of Ethiopia): diplomatic commendation
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