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field experience

Fuel a Dream Fundraising Campaign-
  • Participated in a campaign to raise money and buy footwear for students who are forced to walk barefoot to school in rural areas.
  • Exceeded the target of Rs.20,000 by raising Rs. 85,000 in a very short duration. 
Joined the outreach team of Razmataz (A small business started by Modern School alumni to teach school students about the opportunities after school).
Dhyaan Foundation Animal Shelter-
began volunteering at an animal shelter in Noida
  • started  November 2020
  •  got three dogs adopted within a month. 
Online Course-
Completed a month long certifiable online course on Coursera.
skills developed-
  • project management
  • project planning 
  • project distribution
  • completed a one month sales and marketing internship with an upcoming business company, Mandatory Trendz.
  • spent 2 months in Canada and handled the social media and marketing of "The Graham Inn"
crowdfunding campaign-
  • continued to handle the social media aspects of "The Graham Inn" online from delhi.
  • wrote and published a detailed research paper on "Investment in Real Estate, with emphasis on Airbnb".
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